Reminder – more freedom

After 6 weeks of hard work we release next version of our reminder application.

In this update:

  • Add search for reminders;
  • Add prediction for repeating events;
  • Add option for changing main image;
  • Add possibility to change image for month in calendar;
  • Add showing note image in status bar;

  • New UI for calendar events list;
  • New file extension for reminder backup (.event);
  • Improve UI in all application;
  • Add chinese localization;
  • Fix image click in notes;
  • Fix Google Drive synchronization;
  • Fix bug in application picker;
  • Fix bug in file picker;
  • Other various bug fix.


Restore your data from backup before update!

Get it on Google Play


2 thoughts on “Reminder – more freedom

  1. While the reminder is executed, the music assigned in the settings – – Notification – – music chosen from the phone does not function. Kindly see to this bug before I buy the app.

    1. Hi,
      When you select melody in settings it is playing normally?
      Also check sound stream preferences (few items below melody option), maybe selected stream with zero volume.

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