Reminder 5.0

Today was published a new version of application. This is the biggest update for application since its first release.

So, let see what changes it brings:

  • New reminder type – Send e-mail;
  • Added option for setting volume for each reminder;
  • Added option to enable using system volume;
  • Added option to select sound stream;
  • Added option to enable increasing volume;
  • Added search by time for reminders list;
  • Added option to edit birthday, note and group backup file from application;
  • Updated tutorials;

  • Updated reminder screen;
  • Updated map in application;
  • Updated third-party libraries that used in application;
  • Removed extended button;
  • Improved extra options usability;
  • Improved reminder create screen;
  • Improved backups screen;
  • UI improvements;
  • Fixed issues that was found on Marshmallow;
  • Fixed colors in marker radius;
  • Fixed “Quick note” colors;
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

PRO version:

  • Added new reminder type – Places (create events for Restaurants, Mall’s etc.);
  • Added custom marker support for each reminder;
  • Added more colors to LED notification.

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