Reminder: About last updates

During past month Just Reminder application – now it renamed to Reminder, got few major updates. So let look at them in chronological order.


In version 3.1.1:

  • Added restoring data screen;
  • Added calendar daily preview windows events swiping;
  • Added highlighting multiple events in calendar widget;
  • Updated application design;
  • Updated sync tool;
  • Fixed showing contact name in reminders list.

Version 3.1.2:

  • Added custom repeat interval support;
  • Added option to create copy of reminder;
  • Added option to edit reminder from popup screen;
  • New voice command;
  • Updated help window;
  • Improved UI.

Version 3.1.7:

  • New global application navigation;
  • New reminder type – By day of month;
  • Updated main button;
  • Updated timer reminder type;
  • Fixed application calendar;
  • Fixed calendar widget.

And in last version for today (3.1.9):

  • Changed application name and icon;
  • Added themes for calendar widget;
  • Updated voice commands;
  • Optimized resource using;
  • Fixed bug in current tasks widget;
  • Fixed calendar widget current day selection.

Get it on Google Play


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